DELF Junior - Information Meeting For Parents Of Interested Junior Candidates (14/10/2015)

Dear Parents,
You are invited to a short information presentation on the DELF Junior International diplomas in French.
These are diplomas in the French language awarded by the French Ministry of Education. Students can sit for their first DELF Diploma at the end of Form 2.
We would like to invite the parents of interested candidates for a talk on these diplomas. The talk will be held on Wednesday 14th October at 17:30 here at our premises in Floriana. We shall go over the various DELF Junior diplomas and also have a look at the content of these diplomas.
We look forward to seeing you at this meeting.
In the meantime should you have any queries about the DELF Junior International Diplomas please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards,
Karen Camilleri 

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