CULTURETHEQUE - votre plateforme de lecture (21/06/2017)

Ms Amelie Barrio, specialising in library studies, has just completed her internship with the AFMM.

She will be giving a presentation about the online platform CULTURETHEQUE.

CULTURETHEQUE is an online database allowing members access to the latest newspapers, magazines books and audio books.

But thats not all!!! There’s also a selection of vidoes and concerts.

This should be of interest for anyone who loves reading but does not have time to visit our library:

French living in Malta, the general reader with an interest in French politics / economics / sports,

teachers of French and also students who would like easy access to easy readers and audio books.

Those attending the meeting will be offered a 3 month membership.

The presentation will be followed by drinks, allowing guests to mingle and speak to Ms Barrio about further advantages of CULTURETHEQUE.

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